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Credit Management at its finest!

If you have been unsuccessful in retrieving your money, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional debt collector. When letters are ignored and cheques bounce, it’s time for a face to face visit from a debt collector. Our agents are very persuasive and your debtors will soon discover that a debt collector is not as easy to ignore as a letter or phone call.

The debt collectors at IAS have many years of experience. Over the years we have encountered every excuse and we know how to get around it. Our debt collectors know which techniques will work on each type of individual. By applying the right amount of pressure and refusing to take no for an answer, our debt collectors will succeed where others have failed.


Personalized services to suit your needs


Expert Guidance

Our professional debt collection agents will collect from any business on your behalf. Our business to business approach is effective in that we do careful research to learn as much as possible about the debtor that we can use against them when we decide to apply pressure. We will administer phone collections as well as a physical visit to the location. People tend to pay quicker to the ones who are applying to most pressure.

Commercial Debt Collection In Jamaica
Past Due Invoice Collection


The Path to Success

Past due invoice portfolios are worked in such a way that the debtor gets phone calls and text message reminders in order to get the debtor to settle in full or come to agreement with the collector to have a payment plan set up.


A Comprehensive Approach

On a monthly basis we select certain accounts to receive a personal visit by our in-house bailiff staff. Our bailiffs are polite, professional but direct in confronting debtors who avoid phone or mail contact. We have found this to be a highly effective tactic and are employed in situations where the value of the account makes this expenditure of effort cost-effective. Typically, the bailiff’s job is to arrange for the debtor to come to our office and work out payment. Our success with this has been excellent.

Face To Face Collections

Maintain Cash Flow with Our Debt Collection Agency in Jamaica

If you’re tired of chasing money your customers owe, it may be time to consider your options for debt collection management in Jamaica. International Asset Services is a premier debt recovery company providing the necessary assistance with commercial debt recovery services. Our professional debt collectors will help you reclaim lost money due to customers who haven’t paid their past-due bills. You won’t have to waste valuable time contacting customers and finding ways to encourage them to pay. Our debt collection service will do the hard work for you.

A Comprehensive Approach to Debt Collection

Our debt collection agency in Jamaica takes a comprehensive approach to debt collection management. Our debt recovery agency works closely with you to build a database of unpaid bills and who owes your company money. We then contact those accounts to pursue your money and help you streamline your cash flow. Debt collection management is a complex process and requires expertise to ensure you can balance your cash flow and minimize the wait time to get paid.

Get Paid Faster

No company wants to wait an undetermined amount of time to get paid. With our professional debt collectors working by your side, you can rest assured that your customers will pay faster. Our premier debt recovery agency aims to help you streamline your cash flow to keep your business running smoothly without worrying about whether customers will pay their bills. You can trust your accounts are in good hands when working with our debt collection agency in Jamaica.


"We experienced challenges in locating debtors before using IASL. We are grateful to IAS as they were able to locate and collect on our portfolio. We would say that our experience working with IAS overall has been good and we can’t complain. Our institution would definitely recommend any company to use IASL as their Debt Recovery service provider."

National Commercial Bank

"Before we contracted the services of International Asset Services Ltd, the business of collections had a reputation of embarrassing customers to pay. However this method was not effective and eroded our bottom line.
IASL offered us an efficient and well structured collections entity. We can safely say, of all the collections companies we have engaged, IASL is among the most effective and has been steadily building an excellent reputation. We have also had fewer reported incidents of complaints of harassment and we see great potential for International Asset Services Ltd."

RBC Royal Bank

"Our company was unable to collect on outstanding old accounts over the years. The solution to our dilemma was International Asset Services Ltd who recovered monies on those accounts that we were unable to reach. Actually for us, IAS is the number one collections agency."

AAMM Co-operative Credit Union

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