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International Asset Services Limited (IAS Ltd), Jamaica’s premier debt recovery company with over 15 years of proven successes, 100 million US dollars in assets, mortgages and loans. IAS Ltd has challenged the status quo and revolutionized the debt collection and asset management industry.

We bring a wealth of experience in:
-Debtor tracking services (global)
-Debtor notification and collection demands
-Phone collections
-Physical demands (at places of residence and places of employment)
-Collateral repossession, storage and liquidation
-Legal judgments


Therefore IAS Ltd will offer to create a customized synergy with all external and internal partners to enhance recovery of capital and increase revenues. International Asset Services Ltd can guarantee that no effort will be spared to improve current recovery successes and exceed all clients’ expectations.


A distinguishing quality of our organization is its willingness and continuous ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients, going far beyond simple provision of advice.  Our specialty is putting teams into organizations to offer consulting services. Also, to work through the difficult tasks of institution management, asset disposition, implementing procedures and infrastructure restructuring.  Depending on client requirements, we are prepared to assume day to day operational authority or to analyze current operations and recommend detailed changes.  Our people possess, on average, 10 to 25 years of direct financial services industry and regulatory experience. Without exception, they have each had significant operations and management responsibility, which gives our team the credibility and judgment to successfully scrutinize a project and implement change.

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